A New Game (BIG NEWS)

Today is the day we announce our first game will be a horror game.

the title is fright night a horror game.you wander around a mansion with a flash light and possibly a camera system to help you survive.the name of the player is unknown.for no there are 2 possible release dates one being april 15 or august 29th april being closest possible date august being the worst possible date.anyways trailer coming soon


How we work at doorknob games

At doorknob games we don’t have a total release date and we don’t assign anyone to something forever.we are working on a new game we will publish a post encrypted in a cipher here it is

X kbt dxjb fp zljfkd pllk tb tfii mlpq jlob xka jlob zirbp fk qebpb zfmebop

Ceaser cipher three letters back